Local sharing of health information, save the date and join us!

Registration required for May 29 (day after Memorial Day) event please

You can phone the library to be signed up, 833.2725, or stop in and sign up. Thank you!

May is Photography Month!

FMPL (Friends of the Muehl Public Library) are having a photo contest for the month of May.

Once again, our patrons have stepped up and submitted 14 gorgeous images!

Enjoy them in the foyer of the library and vote for your favorite one!

Thanks to staff members Kaarina Menting and Debby Court for setting up the display so gracefully.

Delightful coloring page created by our very own Colette Bezio!

Colette was joking around after Blizzard Evelyn and Elizabeth joined the fun. So Colette made this cool coloring page!

You can run it off here:


Today's challenge!! (4.16.18)

Ok, Muehl Public Library patrons! Here is your challenge! Many of you are still trapped in your homes and/or have the day off.
We are looking for pictures of people reading and what they are reading! So pose a great pic and send it to sey@muehpubliclibrary.org.
We will be posting them on the library FB page as they arrive! Thanks!