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(This book is out of print and hard to come by.) Hilarious! Poor Jeremy Bloom, the "pottery" elective that he signs up for turns out to be "poetry"! At the beginning of each section of poems in this book, Jeremy has some kind of bad (humorous) encounter (his fault) with the teacher of the class named Ms. Terranova. Each set of poems receives a "D-" and it is up to us, the readers, to decide whether the poems deserved the D- grade or perhaps the grade was so low as a kind of "payback" from the instructor. The poems are pretty clever (and personal) and emblematic of a kid just trying to make it through a class!
Part I Pterodactyl Period
Part II The Stinko-Smokescreen-Whizbanger Period
Part III The Wrong Box Period
Part IV The Fender-Bender Period
Part V The Tarzan Period
Each part is named for the unfortunate event that happens between Jeremy Bloom and Ms. Terranova.

(This book is out of print and hard to come by.) This is the companion book for "The D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom". This book is also hilarious! The roles are reversed! In "D-" the poetry teacher, Ms. Terranova, was the victim of Jeremy's blunders. In this book, Ms. Terranova got married and is now Mrs. Stegowitz. She convinces Jeremy to try another class of poetry with her to give him another chance. The deal is sweetened by the fact that if he improves she will give him a good grade AND increase the D- grade from the previous school year. In each of the six sections of this book Jeremy is participating in a sport and writing his poems about it: Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, and Last-Resort Sports/Epilogue. The role reversal comes as a result of Jeremy being the victim as he participates in each sport and Mrs. Stegowitz is the unwitting perpetrator. Without spoiling it, the blunder for soccer includes her hat which so happens to resemble a soccer ball. Laugh out loud funny! Even in the epilogue, she manages to create some serious havoc! The poems are again fun and there is a happier ending for Jeremy Bloom in this book. *The best part is that Jeremy discovers that he is talented at writing poetry AND that it is therapeutic for him.

Did you know? Gordon Korman was born in Montreal, Canada.

Revving up for author Gordon Korman!

Board of Trustees of the Muehl Public Library are excited that author Gordon Korman will be visiting our community on March 3, 2016!
Behind the masks: Back row, left to right: Jason Finn, Cathy Rydzewski, Patti Lardinois, Pat Krull and Sandra Heiden; front row, left to right: Amy Mueller, Elizabeth Timmins (Library Director & Programmer), and Sandy Kailhofer

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Cherry Buttles is the happy winner of THE WIZARD OF OZ pop up book by Robert Sabuda! Thanks to the 151 entrants who participated in this drawing at the library's front counter. And congratulations to Seymour Theater for an impressive play of THE WIZARD OF OZ! facebook.com/SeymourTheater

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