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4th Graders visited the library!

On Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, 4th graders walked down to the library. They finished an electricity unit so we reviewed electricity terms which have multiple meanings in the English language and we danced to two "electric songs", THE ELECTRIC SLIDE and ELECTRIC AVENUE. The 4th graders picked up some new ideas about how to choose books and they then had the opportunity to check out. Mrs. Upp and Ms. Goeben sported cool reading t-shirts!

6th Grade visit to the public library!

6th Graders visited the library today (one a.m. group and one p.m. group) and learned about blogging.

In these pictures they "speed dated" with graphic novels. Thanks to Ms. Hischke, Ms. Nelson, and Ms. Nechodom

for great leadership and loving books!


National Readathon Day and CampNaNoWriMo (one month late) reading & writing morning :)

Take a break from "rummaging" to curl up with a book (inside or outside) or work on your writing in the meeting space! Meet fellow readers and writers and even some published authors! Books for sale: new and used!

A celebration you will not want to miss!

May is around the corner!

Youth librarians from across our state created a calendar of literacy activities for growing families. I (Elizabeth) submitted the month of May. You can print off a copy from here:

May Ideas

You can also pick up a copy at the library.

Here it is. Enjoy!