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A final title for Thursday makes a baker's dozen of picture book reviews!

A final title for Thursday makes a baker's dozen of picture book reviews!

The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold Maureen Fergus and Cale Atkinson


Destined to be a new holiday classic, Santa is losing his faith in Harold for all the reasons that people usually give up on their belief in Santa. When Harold and Santa meet face, both of them are able to enjoy Christmas!

November is picture book month! Three for Thursday!

November is picture book month!

Happy Thanksgiving! For the fourth Thursday in November, I will review three Thanksgiving picture books that are available in Infosoup! Holiday “classics” are some of the most wonderful kinds of picture books. They warm the heart and are fun to pull out, dust off, and familiarize yourself with again when their season arrives!

Next Thursday, December 1, I will add one more to make a baker’s dozen!


Run, Turkey, Run!  Diane Mayr 2009

Turkey makes his escape from Farmer by disguising himself as a pig, a duck and a horse. All of those ideas fail but guess what works? Or does it?

The Thankful Book Todd Parr 2012

Every day we can remember to be thankful and this sweet book gives several reasons why!

Thanksgiving is Here! Diane Goode 2003

This book encapsulates the joy of gathering with a huge family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The illustrations show the hustle and bustle of many people joining each other and ends with grandmother and grandfather being satisfied and exhausted from a long, special day of entertaining.

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