Project Colette: Rock the library vote!

The last day of voting for Colette in the Corel Art Contest is Tuesday, August 31. We need one massive final PUSH to have Colette in the finals.

Please vote yourself and encourage others. We don't have proof of this but it is literally possible that Colette is the ONLY librarian entered in the contest.

Thanks for putting Seymour, the Muehl Public Library and Colette on the map! Click on the picture:

Uncle Roger's Pet

When the "like" button turns blue and the number goes up by 1 success!

The final official two weeks of "Make a Splash"

Here are some pictures from weeks 9 and 10 of "Make a Splash".  Thank you everyone for such a happy and successful summer of reading and learning!

Don't give up on Colette--we still need your daily vote through August 31! THANK YOU!

Hey everybody! Colette made a youtube video about HOW to vote for her art and HOW she created the piece. If you want to go STRAIGHT to the link to VOTE click here.

colette's picture

You can view the youtube video below:

Weeks 7 and 8 of summer reading! Enjoy!

Here are some glimpses of Week 7 and 8 of summer reading--"Make a Splash @ your library". In our community, we celebrated BurgerFest during that course of time, also.


Enjoy pictures from Week 5 and 6 of "Make A Splash".

These pictures were taken during the summer reading program at our library in mid-July.