Cool "Make A Splash" program for Adults! Leaf Casting! 6.29.2010

Thank you to Dave and Linda Damro for sharing their talents with us. And what marvelous weather we had!! The casts had to harden overnight. We unveiled them today. They are great!!

The recipe Dave used was 1 part sand to 1 part cement. He also mixed in a bonding agent and cement coloring. The other unique thing we did was sign our name on the back of our leaf. This link is to an article that is pretty close to what we did. Thanks to everyone who asked for directions.

Glimpses of the first two weeks of summer reading!

We have been having so much fun with "Make a Splash"! Thanks for laughter and reading and sharing and helpfulness.


Which "Make a Splash" activity is your favorite?

Doris Burmeister to talk about her trip to India!

This Thursday, June 17, 7 to 8 p.m. in the meeting space, patron Doris Burmeister will talk to us about her trip to India this past spring. All welcome!

Doris is featured at the far left in this picture.Doris Burmeister in India

Happy Birthday Donald Duck! 76 today!

What a great prelude to "Make A Splash"! Today is Donald Duck's birthday--he is 76 years old! If you are the same age as Donald Duck, and come to the library today, we have a free Seroogy's bar for you. Also, everyone, pick up your free plastic duck today. Last night, June 8, at Family storytime, our artists fingerpainted Donald Duck on the window in the foyer. Thanks to Justine for drawing the outline with dry erase marker!Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!