Build a Better World! Read Green!

Here is a great article about reading OUTSIDE!! Enjoy this favorite pasttime in our wonderful outdoors of Wisconsin!

A list of book ideas is included!

Nationally renowned talent for kids coming to our library!

Celebrate summer and that school is out! We welcome Jack and Kitty to HOME OF THE HAMBURGER and we hope you

will come dance and sing with us!You can learn more at their website:

Here is a youtube video introduction to them that is excellent:


6th Grade visited on June 1, 2017

The 6th graders visited the library on June 1, 2017. I cannot think of anything more gratifying than seeing many children I had in story time and summer reading activities, through the years, get reacquainted with the power of the picture book! (Click on the picture to forward through all 36 pictures in this set.)

The power of the picture book with 6th graders June 1, 2017

What do librarians believe? What is their philosophy?

Another successful Bike Safety morning was had on May 13, 2017

Thanks to Friends of the Muehl Public Library (FMPL) for purchasing a range of bicycle books and stories that were distributed FOR FREE to families attending the Bike Safety morning. This community event was held on Depot Street on May 13. To enliven the activities this year, a set of bicycle book ends was also raffled off. The winner was our patron, Jean Albert!

     Thanks to these FMPL members who volunteered at the event. Paul Gregg, Elaine Fitzpatrick and Margaret Lautenschlager. We appreciate their commitment to outreach on behalf of our wonderful public library.