Fun with words!

The Washington Post has a contest whereby entrants are asked to make up new meanings for common words. Here are the results for 2017 which were originally published in January, 2017. Enjoy the humor! (Thanks to patron and Friend of the Library, Holly Collar, for passing this on!)

Overdrive BIG READ, October 12 through October 26, 2017

Sometimes I am intrigued by a book because it has been selected as one to be read by a wide audience. I just finished reading The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett. This is a young adult debut novel by Chelsea Sedoti. Hawthorn is the daughter of a hippy mom and a dad who teaches medieval history. She has an interest in strange phenomena such as the Loch Ness monster and werewolves.
     When Lizzie Lovett, a recent high school graduate from Hawthorn’s community goes missing, Hawthorn finds that she has a strange obsession to discover what happened to her. She strikes up a relationship with Enzo, Lizzie’s boyfriend. Together they begin searching for answers.
     I was swept along by the book. Sometimes I was deeply aggravated with Hawthorn. And at other times, her behavior made perfect sense. The book is written in first person in the voice of Hawthorn. The conclusion of the book holds the message that we can never seem to fully grasp. We never know for sure what is going through people’s heads. Therefore, try to be more understanding and respectful of others.
     This book will be the Overdrive BIG READ from October 12 through October 26. That means that the book will be freely available in both audio and electronic book formats in Overdrive. The Big Library Read program is open to all OverDrive library and school partners worldwide. Big Library Read is an opportunity for those with a valid library card to read the same digital title at the same time without any wait lists or holds.

READ poster models display their talents at the Seymour Historical Society

**Free and open to the public, the exhibit will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sundays in September. You will be impressed by Marge’s beautiful quilts and Rick’s stunning photographs.

Rick Cohler was our READ model in September, 2015. This is one of his photos on display at the museum.


Marge Coonen was our READ model in May, 2016. This is one of her quilts on display at the museum.


Get ready for the detour but don't miss your library visits!

Elizabeth is beginning her 15th year of leading the adult book group!