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Another successful Bike Safety morning was had on May 13, 2017

Thanks to Friends of the Muehl Public Library (FMPL) for purchasing a range of bicycle books and stories that were distributed FOR FREE to families attending the Bike Safety morning. This community event was held on Depot Street on May 13. To enliven the activities this year, a set of bicycle book ends was also raffled off. The winner was our patron, Jean Albert!

     Thanks to these FMPL members who volunteered at the event. Paul Gregg, Elaine Fitzpatrick and Margaret Lautenschlager. We appreciate their commitment to outreach on behalf of our wonderful public library.

On Monday, we welcomed back Carlos Nieto III!

You may recall that Carlos Nieto III visited our library on October 1, 2016. He is an anime artist and oil painter from Los Angeles. This week, he revisited our library on Monday, May 15, 2017. Thanks to the Friends of the Muehl Public Library (FMPL) for once again underwriting this extraordinary opportunity.

     We collaborated with Mr. Michalski (art teacher at Seymour Middle School) and Ms. Powell (art teacher at Black Creek Middle School) for 31 middle school students to meet Carlos and learn from him. It was an inspiring afternoon for all parties! Ms. Schenk, the principal of Seymour Middle School stopped in to see the students in action which was supportive and wonderful. I am so pleased that we can have cross learnings between our schools and our public library.

Kwame Alexander gets it!

FMPL is planning a very special event. Thank you FMPL!