November is picture book month! Three for Thursday!

November is picture book month!

Happy Thanksgiving! For the fourth Thursday in November, I will review three Thanksgiving picture books that are available in Infosoup! Holiday “classics” are some of the most wonderful kinds of picture books. They warm the heart and are fun to pull out, dust off, and familiarize yourself with again when their season arrives!

Next Thursday, December 1, I will add one more to make a baker’s dozen!


Run, Turkey, Run!  Diane Mayr 2009

Turkey makes his escape from Farmer by disguising himself as a pig, a duck and a horse. All of those ideas fail but guess what works? Or does it?

The Thankful Book Todd Parr 2012

Every day we can remember to be thankful and this sweet book gives several reasons why!

Thanksgiving is Here! Diane Goode 2003

This book encapsulates the joy of gathering with a huge family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The illustrations show the hustle and bustle of many people joining each other and ends with grandmother and grandfather being satisfied and exhausted from a long, special day of entertaining.

Exciting announcement!

November is picture book month! Three for Thursday!

Each Thursday in November I will review three picture books that are available in Infosoup!


Bug in A Vacuum Melanie Watt 2015

A picture book about Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ five stages of loss, you say? Yes! This is amazing and wonderful. I am not certain on the audience but this is fascinating. You are cleverly captured from the beginning with, “Bug: An insect; An unexpected glitch and vacuum: A cleaning machine; a void left by a loss”.

Mr. McGinty’s Monarchs Linda Vander Heyden (local author!) 2016

This is a charming book about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly with informational end papers. On the flap under the author bio we discover the author’s inspiration for the book. This book reminded me of the starfish story. We cannot save all of the monarchs but let’s save as many as we can!

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story Patrick McDonnell 2014

“Messes” can get in the way of our story but we still carry on. Great message conveyed in a fun manner.

NaNoWriMo session--all welcome!

As you know, your library is an information center. As such, we promote communication in all forms: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. That is why we are glad to announce that we are trying our 3rd year of a NaNoWriMo session at our library. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Information is available at Anyone who is interested in writing can come, even if they are not writing a novel. We have set aside the library meeting space on Saturday, November 12, 2016 from noon until 2 p.m. for people to come and write and support one another. Please feel free to join us. You can bring a notebook or a laptop or whatever!
Snacks wi
ll be provided. Our facilitator will be Jennifer Daniels. Thank you!

November is picture book month! Three for Thursday!

Each Thursday in November I will review three picture books that are available in Infosoup!


Vincent Paints His House Tedd Arnold 2015

This is a fantastic introduction to the concept of colors for very young children. But it also introduces them to the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Love it!

Nanette’s Baguette Mo Willems 2016

Stellar Mo Willems has another success here! Who knew there were so many words that rhyme with Nanette and baguette? A very funny story that makes the reader hungry for some hard crispy French bread!

Choose Your Days Paula S. Wallace 2016

I found this title on a death and grieving bibliography. But it actually has a stronger message of living a wonderful life before going through your final door. I highly recommend this.