Seymour History Cabinet

The Seymour History Cabinet has materials that can only be used in the library. It is located outside the Director of the Library's office and is available to the public during open library hours:

  • Labor Day to Memorial Day M-Th 10 to 8, Fri 10 to 6, Sat 10 to 2
  • Memorial Day to Labor Day M-Th 10 to 8, Fri 10 to 5
BusinessThe Osborn Almanac
BusinessWisconsin Highways 1835-1945
CemeteryAt the Graveside
CemeteryCemetery Records Outagamie County; Black Creek to Hortonia
CemeteryCemetery Records Outagamie County; Townships Marn to Osbourn
CemeteryCemetery Records Outagamie County; Townships Oneida to Seymour
CemeteryCemetery Records Shawano County; Townships of Lessor and Maple Grove
CemeteryCity of Seymour Cemetery Records
ChurchChurch Records St. John's Congregation
ChurchChurches City of Seymour
ChurchChurches Rural Outagamie County
ChurchChurches Rural Shawno County
ChurchEmmanuel Lutheran Church A History
ChurchRecords of the Emmanual EV. Lutheran Church Seymour, Wisconsin
ChurchSt. John Evangelica Lutheran Church Towm of Center (Outagamie County)
Family/Food1880 United States Census and National Index
Family/FoodCheese Factories and Creameries in the town of Angelica Lessor and Maple Grove
Family/FoodSavor the Flavor of Outagamie County
Family/FoodSing Along with Mitch
MapsHistorical Atlas of Wisconsin 1887
MapsIndex Plat Map of 1873 Outagamie County
MapsIndext to 1889 Outagamie Platbook
MapsOutigamie County Plat Book
MapsWisconsin Highways
News/ MedicineHistory of Medicine in Brown County, Wisconsin
News/ MedicineIndex to Green Bay Newspapers 1833-1840
News/ MedicineNichols Area Historical Society
Other1880 United States Census and National Index
Other50 years of cooperation 1935-1985
OtherCrunching Gravel
OtherForty-Seveb Wisconsin Stories
OtherHistory of the township of Lessor
OtherIndext to the Record of the Pioneers of the Outigamie Country,WI
OtherMy Folks Back to the Basics
OtherNorth American Indians Myths and Legends
OtherRivers of America The Wisconsin
OtherThe Cruise of the Corwin
OtherThe Story of Wisconsin
OtherTravels in Alaska
OtherUp country Voices from the Midwestern Wilderness
OtherWilderness Essays
PoemsI can only tell you what I know now
PoemsPicture This
PoemsWithout Boundaries
SchoolCenter Valley School Reunion
SchoolSpring Brook School
Town HistoryA History of Seymour
Town HistoryHistoric Green Bay
Town HistoryHistory of the Township of Maple Grove
Town HistoryHistory of Outagamie County, Wisconsin
Town HistoryKaukauna Glimpses of It's History
Town HistoryThe Centennial Review