FMPL Christmas Raffle, 2009, is closed--Congratulations winners!

Thanks to FMPL (Friends of the Muehl Public Library) for sponsoring the Christmas Raffle. Patrons (between Dec 7 and Dec 21) filled out raffle tickets at checkout and attempted to win one of 17 lovely books. Thanks to all who participated and enjoy the holidays!

Rob Rydzewski Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia
Bonnie Leisgang Nutcracker
Krista Soble Diamond of Darkhold
Jacob Vandermoss Batman RIP
Karla Krueger Southern Living Cookbook
Nancy Goeben Christmas Genie
Logan Garvey Bear Stays Up
Mark Slade Holly and the Christmas Fairy
Angel Stoddard Olivia Kittridge
Jeffery Vogt If you didn't bring jerky, what did I just eat?
Dawn Steffens Gingerbread Joy
Rhonda Ashman Breathless
Alyssa Peterson Don't judge a girl by her cover
Irene Wandke Heat
LaVern Leisgang Mr. Monk in Trouble
Karen Gonnering The Spire
Lila Zastrow Mystery: A Christmas Carol