Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, April 3, 2017
Library Meeting Room
6:30 to 7:30 due to Literacy Night at school, thank you! 


 Call to Order
    Minutes—March 6, 2017
    Director’s Report—Library Progress during March, 2017
    Financial Report—March, 2017 (too early for some numbers)
    Activities Report—March, 2017 (too early for some numbers)

Unfinished Business
•    Another follow up from Legislative Day—terrific! And your possible help with Senator?
•    Follow up from marquee messaging about Overdrive
•    Demo of new databases (incomplete—ET & CB to work on this month) for sure because FMPL
               paid for license and there will be a demo at FMPL mtg April 20/May Trustees’ meeting
•    Staff performance reviews this month, ET was sick in March but they are now scheduled for April
11 & 13
•    Results of Amnesty Day
•    Staff working on coffee(L), hallway photo (K), business cards (E), screen(C), Senior Cntr outreach (D)
•    OWLS announcement predisposes a significant shift

 New Business
•    Sandra H., looking good! Fabulous sentiment!
•    Public parking lot
•    Staff meeting model for 3.23 and 4.6 (ongoing possibilities including conference offerings)
•    CFRC educational initiatives in our community, one of which we are financially supporting
•    Stella by Starlight
•    Two adult programs—recognizing local talent and working on multigenerational learning!
•    Permission for light agenda for May meeting

        Any additional business that might be brought before the board.