Board of Trustees Meeting

Meeting of Library Board
TUESDAY, SEPT 5, 2017 (please note different day)
Library Meeting Room
5:30-6:30 p.m.


 Call to Order
    Minutes—August 7, 2017
    Director’s Report—Library Progress during August, 2017
    Financial Report—August, 2017
    Activities Report—August, 2017

Unfinished Business
•    Summer Reading program, BUILD A BETTER WORLD
1.    Parade! (how it went!)
2.    Eclipse! (how it went!)
3.    Toy sleepover! (how it went!)
•    Back to school energy: switch to winter hours, adult book group, teacher collections etc.
•    School district and building ties
•    Smartboard repair progress
•    Thank you staff for Plae Bistro gift card for LOTY/straightening, tidying & beautifying/craft kits/
   answering eclipse class queries with graciousness and patience (Library Journal article was sent
   to you on this topic on Fri 8.18!)
•    Thank you to Firefighters
•     Estate donation

 New Business
•    Migration to new email with direction from OWLS (in progress) and new business cards!
•    Instagram, hashtags, social media. What we already do and what should we do?
•    Two new READ poster unveilings (another dilemma, where to hang?)
•    Halloween—how to attract to what we plan; (Autumn Extravaganza is October 13)
•    WLA conference, earlier than usual, week of October 16
• (specific highlights from ET)
•    Closure of highway 54 and significance to us

      (Any additional business that might be brought before the board.)