Teacher library card now available

Please stop by the library for more information!


*In order to get a Teacher Card, the patron must first have, or obtain, a regular OWLSnet (Infosoup) card.

*Teachers must supply their OWLSnet(Infosoup) card and a school ID to prove eligibility.

*The library will create a card, and then link it to the patrons’ regular OWLSnet card in Millennium. The issuing library will keep the teacher card at the library. The patron may check out items to the Teacher Card by presenting their regular card to the desk, and asking for their materials to be checked out on the Teacher Card.

Important: Teacher Cards may only be used at the issuing library.

*Holds can only be picked up at the issuing library.

*Teacher cards expire on June 1 of each year. Teachers may renew the cards at any time after June 1.


Up to 15 holds at a time can be placed on any OWLSnet materials eligible for holds. Up to 75 items at a time can be checked out. The card is to be used for instruction-related materials. Books, magazines and audiobooks can be checked out on the card. (Videos, music, videogames, games and short loan items are not eligible for checkout or holds.) Items will circulate for the same amount of time as items on regular OWLSnet cards.


If the money owed on either the Teacher Card or the regular OWLSnet card meets or exceeds $5, the patron will not be able to check out items on either card. The normal fines of the circulating library will apply. Teachers are responsible for items checked out on Teacher Cards.