Policy Governing the Use of Library Grounds

Policy Governing the Use of Library Grounds [pdf]

The Muehl Public Library recognizes that the public may wish to use the library grounds for various purposes.

All activities covered by this policy must:

1) Be approved in advance by the Library Director or designee;
2) Be carried out during the Library’s regular hours of service;
3) Occur out of the path of foot traffic from all directions.

In granting permission to conduct an approved activity, the Library reserves the right to:

1)    Limit the size of the group;
2)    Deny use to any group/individual;
3)    Limit the duration of the activity;
4)    Limit the number of times a group/individual may conduct such activities.

Person (s) conducting activities on library grounds must comply with requests of Library staff and shall not:

1)    Block, hinder or impede entrance to the Library;
2)    Disrupt the orderly operation of the Library;
3)    Violate any law of the United States, State of Wisconsin, or City of Seymour.

Approved by Muehl Public Library Board May, 2011.