Circulation Policy

I. Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Muehl Public Library to provide service to all without discrimination, regardless of age, sex, race, belief system, lifestyle or human condition. The library seeks to have as few restrictions on the flow of information as possible while protecting the community's library resources.

The library circulates books, audiobooks, videocassettes, DVDs, magazines, and CD-ROM materials. Some reference books do not circulate but are to be used in the library.

II. Registration

A. Acquiring a library borrower's card.

  1. All persons who borrow library materials are required to possess current registration cards.
  2. A person is issued one Infosoup card which is used in all the public libraries in Outagamie and Waupaca Counties which participate in the OWLSnet automated library system.
  3. Library cards are issued for a two year period.
  4. A person who applies for a borrower's card is required to sign the application and accept responsibility for all items borrowed. If a person is unable to sign his/her name because of a disability or inability to write, a stamp or signature by another person will be accepted.
  5. Persons aged 18 and older must show identification with name and current address when applying for a borrower's card. Persons younger than aged 18 must have a signature of a parent, foster parent or a guardian on their applications.
  6. The parent, foster parent or guardian who signs an application for a child is responsible for all items borrowed by that child.
  7. a. Each family shall have the right and responsibility of setting standards for their own children; standards applied to their child shall not be imposed on anyone else's child; the library staff will not impose their own standards on other patron's children.
    b. The Muehl Public Library will not assert the rights of a minor child over the rights of that of the child's parent or guardian. The library will comply with a parent or guardian's written request restricting their minor child's access to specific collections.

  8. Public libraries outside of OWLSnet may not be required to honor the Infosoup card.

B. Eligible borrowers include:

  1. Residents of the City of Seymour.
  2. Residents of Outagamie and Waupaca Counties.
  3. Residents of other Wisconsin counties that participate in Infosoup.
  4. Institutions in the Seymour area. The institution must agree to accept all financial responsibility for charges against the institution's card including overdue charges and replacement cost.

III. Loan Periods

A. Loan periods for library materials are:

  1. Books and audiobooks: 28 days, 2 renewals.
  2. Magazines: 14 days, 1 renewal.
  3. High demand short loan: (Some newly released books) 14 days, 2 renewals.
  4. Videocassettes/DVDs: 7 days, 1 renewal.
  5. Circulation encyclopedias: 14 days, 2 renewals.
  6. Circulating CD-ROM programs: 14 days, 1 renewal.

B. Renewals.

  1. See above .
  2. Persons can renew in a variety of ways.

(1). Present the materials and borrower's card at the library service desk.
(2). Present the borrower's card at the library service desk and tell which material(s) you want renewed.
(3). Renew over the phone by giving your library card barcode number, your name, and what needs to be renewed.

(4). Renew yourself,on the Internet, by accessing your account through You need your library card no. and pin. (Please ask a librarian for assistance at any time.)

IV. Lost Cards

A. A person who loses his/her borrower's card or has it stolen must notify the library of the loss as soon as possible. He/she is responsible for any materials checked out prior to notifying the library.
B. The library charges $3.00 to replace lost borrower's cards. There is no charge for the first card for any library user.
C. After the library is notified that a card is lost, the library will not hold the person responsible for items checked out against the lost card.

V. Late Penalties

A. A charge of ten cents per-day, per-item is imposed for materials returned after the day they are due, except videocassettes/DVDs/CD Roms. There is no charge for Sundays.
B. A charge of $1.00 per-day, per-item is imposed for videocassettes/DVDs/CD Roms returned after the day they are due. $1.00 per-day, per-item is imposed for Badgercat items returned after the day they are due. Badgercat items are borrowed from libraries throughout Wisconsin beyond our consortia and we need to respect their due dates.
C. The maximum late charge per item is $5.00 for all items except WISCAT items which continue accruing a dollar per day until returned.
D. Persons may have a maximum of five overdue items. Those with more than five overdue items are not permitted to borrow anything more until the overdue items are returned.
E. Borrowers will be notified of any late charges at the time of checkout and by request.
F. Persons who owe fines of more than $5.00 are not permitted to borrow materials in any other libraries participating in Infosoup.
G. Persons must pay all fines and return all overdue items before checking out with replacement cards.

VI. Returning items in the outside library book return

A. Items may be returned in the book return outside the library at any time.
B. Items returned when we are not open are backdated to the last day that the library was open.

VII. Lost or damaged materials

A. The library charges full replacement cost for any materials which are lost or damaged so badly that they can no longer be used.
B. If a lost item which has been paid for is found later and returned to the library, the customer will be given a refund if the item is in useable condition and we can confirm that the item was paid for by checking our fines paid screen and/or taking the receipt from the customer. We will refund up to two years after the receipt was generated.
C. A replacement/processing charge of $1.00 will be levied for any item returned with a damaged or missing barcode label.
D. A replacement charge of $3.00 will be levied for an item returned with its case damaged or missing (videocassette, DVD, book/tape kit).

VIII. Interpretation of policy

Responsibility for the administration and interpretation of this policy rests with the Library Director.

Approved by the Muehl Public Library Board August, 1996. Revised August 1997. Revised April, 2002.Revised February, 2006. Revised June, 2008.