Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy [pdf]
 Meeting Room Request Form [pdf]

1. It is the Library Board policy to encourage the use of the meeting room by educational, cultural, civic and non-profit groups as long as this use does not interfere with the normal functions and regular programs of the library.

2. Reservations for the room shall be made with a library employee at least one day prior to desired time of use of the room.

3. The Library Director and staff are not responsible for the supervision of children whose guardians are occupied in the use of the meeting room.

4. All meeting room cancellations shall be made to a library employee as soon as known prior to the scheduled meeting.

5. There is no charge for use of the community room unless applicable. Donations are welcomed.

6. An authorized member of the group must sign the meeting room request form. By signing the request form the applicant agrees that:

a. She/he has read the rules and regulations for the library meeting room and understands them.

b. She/he understands that any failure to abide by these regulations will cause a forfeiture of rights to use the room for one year.

c. She/he accepts the financial responsibility for any and all damage caused to the building or equipment beyond normal wear.

7. Posters, signs and other related items may be attached to the walls, curtains or doors. Nails and tacks are prohibited for hanging these items. The person or group using the room must remove the posters, signs and other items prior to leaving the room.

8. It shall be the responsibility of the user to arrange the furniture to its liking, but after the meeting it must be returned to the original arrangement.

9. It shall be the responsibility of the user to leave the room clean and orderly. We reserve the right to bill for any damages. The user of the room shall remove waste materials in excess of one wastebasket full, and all leftover food prior to leaving the room.

10. The meeting room includes a small sink and counter. Limited use of this facility is permitted. Simple foods may be served. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the room. Each group shall provide its own serving utensils and leave the serving area in clean condition after its use. The library will not provide for storage of groups' personal items.

11. Maximum seating capacity of the room is fifty (50) persons.

12. Smoking and open flames are prohibited in the library building, including the restrooms.

13. If audio or visual equipment is used, the user shall set it up in advance of the meeting hour. The user shall have knowledge of how to operate the equipment. It is not the responsibility of the library staff to operate the equipment. Any audio-visual presentations require proof that a public showing is not in conflict with current copyright laws.

14. The community room does have a TV, a VCR, a DVD player, a Smartboard and wireless Internet access for your convenience. If there is any damage to the equipment or room, the user will be liable for repair or replacement.

15. If the room is to be used by children or young adults, an adult shall make the reservation and be responsible under the same rules and regulations as applied to adult use. Adult supervision is required.

16. The meeting room shall not be used for:

1. Any purpose that interferes with normal operation of the library, in the opinion of the Director.

2. Programs involving sale, advertising or promotion of/for commercial products or services.

3. Days in which the library is closed all day, unless the Director gives prior approval.

4. Political campaign purposes other than debates with all candidates having the opportunity to participate.

5. Use by groups that are excessively noisy and thereby interfering with normal use of the library by others. If complaints are received about a group being noisy, the group may be asked to meet elsewhere.

17. Utilization of the library proper is limited to special arrangements with the Library Director. If utilization of the library proper is requested after hours, a charge of $25 per hour will be charged to cover necessary staff supervision. Under special circumstances the Director may waive the fee if s/he is present with the group.

18. All users of the meeting room are required to vacate the facility by 8:00 pm. Special arrangements can be made with the Director to stay longer.

19. Family purposes such as reunions, showers and weddings may be permitted. All cleanup rules apply to these groups. We reserve the right to bill for any damages.

20. Local calls are permitted with the telephone in the meeting room. Long distance service is not available. Any exceptions to this policy must be authorized by the Muehl Public Library Board or Library Director.

Print a Meeting Room Request Form [pdf]

Approved by Muehl Public Library Board February, 2000.
Revised June, 2003

Revised May, 2011