Visitor Pass Policy

Visitor Pass Policy[pdf]

Our policy is that patrons can use the computers for two hours daily unless they have special circumstances. Our library uses time out software on our public computers. The stations are authenticated by patrons’ library cards. When a person does not have a library card, a visitor pass can be printed from the software (with a user ID and password) so that the person can utilize a computer.

Visitor passes are given to patrons who are visiting from out of state or from out of the country. They are also granted to patrons who do not have a library card. (All local patrons are encouraged to get a library card for themselves.) If a patron does not have their library card with them, and needs to go online, they are granted one visitor pass.

If that patron has fines we remind them about the fines. If a patron owes $5 or more on their library card, they are denied Internet access. The patron is not allowed to use the Internet until the total owed on their card falls below $5.

Staff has the authorization to deny a visitor pass as deemed necessary.

This policy was approved by the Library Board of Trustees on January 6, 2014.