The ins and outs of library services/curbside delivery during COVID

***This photo shows a typical day at the library whereby orders are set up on the bench, in the foyer,  awaiting pickups. How lucky are we that our space is condusive to this!

Curbside Delivery

Winter hours when staff is working in the building:

10 to 8 Mon through Thurs;

10 to 6 Fri; 10 to 2 Sat

You are back in school and your library is here to help. We have been offering curbside service since April 27, 2020 so now we have a very good system going! Practice makes things improve.


If you are an Infosoup patron, browse online and put items on hold.

If you do not use Infosoup, contact us and let us know what we can gather for you and/or place on hold for you.

Call (920)833-2725 or email

Have your library card number ready to give us!

Tell us a day and approximate time you will be stopping by to pick up your order.

Your materials will already be checked out to you with your receipt.

When you get to the library you will come to the door and ring the door bell. A masked librarian will greet you and find your bag for you.

 If you need a library card…go to and click Online Registration at the top. The library will get in touch with you. Or contact us for a paper application that we can give you curbside.

 Need digital resources? Go to and click Digital Library at the top. This page has all sorts of things. We also highly recommend Project Gutenberg ( for the classics!

 Free wireless 24/7 outside our building (accessing indoor point) and wireless outdoor access point (from a grant) to provide optimal coverage. The Muehl Public Library is located at 436 N. Main Street in Seymour, WI.

Another grant has provided us with 4 brand new state of the art laptops for check out. Please contact the library if you are interested.


Call or email or RING THE DOOR BELL—we will help you. Thank you! If entering the building, a mask is required.