February 15th -- Robert Rydzewski

     This week's LIBRARY STAR is ROBERT RYDZEWSKI. Robert enjoys listening to books on CD when he is traveling/driving.

     Rob knows how to search for his favorite authors and genres in Infosoup. He has been a library star for many years. When things switched over to curbside delivery and Infosoup was back up and running after lockdown, Rob started placing his own reserves again and setting times to pick them up.

     Have you ever tried listening to a book rather than reading one? It is a great entertainment experience because you are enjoying the story being read aloud to you. I would highly recommend this format to anyone. The only thing is to not get too involved in the story and miss your highway exit! (Been there!)

     The other thing with audio is you can rewind and replay parts that you would like to listen to again. This happens frequently if you have a lot on your mind. (Also, been there!) Thanks, Rob, for your patronage and being an audio reader!