February 8th -- Bernadette Hardy-Bomber

This week's LIBRARY STAR is BERNADETTE HARDY-BOMBER. Bernadette enjoys the historical fiction genre. It has been fun suggesting ideas to her for what to read next.

We dip into Infosoup and place holds for Bernadette when we don't have ideas from our own shelves. Infosoup joins up with 47 other libraries and we all resource share. This way, each library can build a strong collection on their shelves which can be shared across counties, also. It is a great system because over 1.5 million materials are available to all card holders.

Bernadette became a fast hand at using the curbside service this summer. It is a couple of extra steps, and you cannot actively browse. However, we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe.

Please contact the library if you, too, are looking for suggestions of what to read next. Perhaps you need help with posting the holds. Or whatever your library need may be, we are here to help! Just contact us. 833.2725 and muehlpublic@gmail.com Thanks!