November 9th, 2020 -- GLEN MOELLER

     The library is facing similar challenges to most everyone. We are staying safe during a pandemic and we are becoming fluent in the new computer systems. This week we highlight GLEN MOELLER as our LIBRARY STAR.

     Glen has used curbside service to get library books. In summer, he returned a book that ended up not being checked out properly due to the change in systems. He was billed for the item and paid for it. The staff has been checking in everything in our building because of erroneous incidents such as this. As soon as we found out that the missing book was actually here, we tried to reimburse Glen. How embarrassing! He was so kind as to let us keep the money for the library.

     For being easy going and generous and communicating with us so well, we acknowledge Glen as a library star. Thank you, Glen!