A patron makes contact with a famous author!

The other day, patron Patti Lardinois had some exciting news to share with me. I had recommended an author to her, Tim Dorsey, and she was enjoying his writing (and wacky sense of humor) so much that she decided to email him. Patti said this was the first time she ever did anything like that. The best part of the story was that he emailed her back! He thanked her for her compliments about his writing and he spoke about times that he had visited WI and how much he enjoyed it. How cool is that?! The lesson is that authors are people, too. Some will respond, some won’t. I am so glad for Patti and her happy experience.

     Here is a little bit of information about Tim Dorsey: Tim Dorsey is an American novelist. He is known for a series starring Serge A. Storms, a mentally disturbed vigilante antihero who rampages across Florida enforcing his own moral code against a variety of low-life criminals. Tim Dorsey has written 25 novels, so far. ***As a librarian, if I see a patron who likes the writing of Carl Hiaasen, then I recommend Tim Dorsey to them as a read-alike.