POWER FAMILIES -- January 4th, 2021

We are keeping patrons and staff safe. The implementation of curbside service is the way that we have accomplished this. This week we thought it would be fun to name some "power families" who have been using the library in 2020. We name the KOURY, LAMBIE, SMET and STRUTHERS families as our LIBRARY STARS.

Within these families, all of the members are library users. It is terrific! It is no surprise that the students in these families do well in school and that, overall, these families are succeeding at maintaining a positive quality of life. Yes, being a library patron can do that for you!

It is our pleasure to serve individuals, families, power couples, educators, and entrepreneurs. If you do not have a library card we hope that will be a resolution for you in 2021. Happy New Year! We just cannot wait to open our doors and have you in the library space again.