Makerspace FAQ

Q: How do I understand how the new space will be used?
A: Google the keyword “Makerspace” and you will see the variety of ideas trending in public libraries. This is our fundamental idea and we are modifying it to work for our library and our community.

Q: How can I help?
A: Your monetary donation, in any amount, will be a big help. Please talk up the dream with everyone you know!

Q: Who will get to use the space?
A: This space will be the same as the rest of the library. When not in use there will be stations set up for people to interact with such as Magnatiles and GO. People will need to sign up for the study rooms and the project area. The current practice will prevail. That is, library programs have preference.

Q: What if the funds needed are not raised?
A: Good question! “Fail” is not in our vocabulary and our community is passionate about education. However, all donations will be tracked meticulously and returned to donors if calamity befalls us.

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