Glimmers of Joy from Outagamie County Extension

From Karen Dickerell: Some key ideas to think about as suggested by the Harvard Press booklet, Positive Psychology include: Bravery -- try something you have been afraid to do -- take the plunge! Try a new recipe. Take up dancing! Curiosity -- learn something new, read an aritcle, watch a video or podcast on a topic you want to learn about Self-control -- try to think of the positive instead of dwelling on what is not going well Appreciation of beauty -- take time to smell the roses or whatever else you find in nature! Open mindedness -- try to find the other side of the story, try to understand a different point of view Creativity -- try out your creative juices, rearrange a cupboard or storage area! Move things around! Love -- remember those love notes from a couple of months ago? Write some more and place on the windshield or the bathroom mirror or tucked into a bag lunch!

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