Glimmers of Joy from Outagamie County Extension (posted monthly)

From Karen Dickerell:

May Day....Mayday... Lei Day... Pay Day! May 1st means different things to different people.
May Day -- a day in the northern hemisphere has been historically reserved for fun springtime type activities.  It might include a maypole, flowers of pictures or a day when we have hope for the upcoming months.
Then there is Mayday, an internationally recognized radio word to signal distress!  We have all kinds of different stresses in our life...
And then there is Lei Day on May 1st!  Celebrated in the Hawaiin Culture to represent the unspoken expression of aloha... Depending on the occasion it can stand for farewell greeting love, hope, or JOY!  Yes, that glimmer of joy!
For some May 1st may be pay day if you are paid once a my message this month covers how to make the most of that money and the resources you have so you won't need to signal Mayday -- and still find glimmers of joy.   
What bills do you pay first? How do you/can you track your spending? What can you do to cut back on spending? Discover resources available to you and your family moving forward


https://finances/extension.wisc.ed/articles/cutting-back-and-keeping up -when-money-is-tight/





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