Glimmers of Joy from Outagamie County Extension (posted monthly)

From Karen Dickerell:

Welcome to the October Glimmers of Joy email.  I've been reading about conflict and key elements to how to deal with conflict in our life.  We know conflict is inevitable.  It is ever present, and we know there are ways to find out more about ourselves to deal with that conflict.  If we have too much conflict, the joy seems to burn out and is almost nonexistent because the conflict takes over with our energy and worries.  So to try to understand conflict and what we can do about it, learn more about yourself.  Good communication and trust are seeming to be the key elements to dealing with conflict.  A recent book I read, "Trusted Leader: 8 Pillars that Drive Results"  has some very concrete ideas of how we can look at our lives and work through difficult times. 
The 8 pillars are:
  • Clarity
  • Compassion
  • Character
  • Competency
  • Commitment
  • Connection
  • Contribution
  • Consistency
I outline the concepts with some examples in the video this month:
After watching the video ask yourself the important "how" questions...
  • How do I define clarity in my life?  What are the critical elements?
  • How do I show compassion to others and share what is important to me?
  • How do I help others, how do they see me?
  • How can I improve my competency in becoming a better person?
  • How do I practice my commitment to what I believe in?
  • How do I connect with others and build on the strong relationships I have?
  • How can I contribute to my family? my community with the talents and gifts I have?
  • How may I remain consistent and true to my belief systems?

The answers to many of these questions will help you find glimmers of joy.
Karen Dickrell


You Tube Video: