Manhattan Shorts Film Festival, 2022, Seymour chooses same winner as the one chosen internationally!

October 3, 2022 Winning actor posted (25th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival)

Elina won at our library, too, with a total of 24 votes. Congratulations!

Enjoying being the hostesses at a "Cultural Nerve Center"! And we had two Finnish women attend, awesome!


The votes submitted from our library, see below.

Muehl Public Library picked the TREATMENT as number four. We chose FREEFALL as number one, THE BLANKET as number two, and FREEDOM SWIMMER as number three. Makes sense!! We are still on par with the international votes!!
Comedy Wins as The Treatment Awarded MANHATTAN SHORT 2022 Gold Medal!
The drama Freefall wins Silver Medal and the animated documentary Freedom Swimmer wins Bronze Medal in worldwide audience vote.
The Treatment, written and directed by Alvaro Carmona (Spain), is the Gold Medal Winner of the 2022 Manhattan Short Film Festival. The Treatment about a clinic offering bald men a full-- proof way to restore hair as long as you're okay with one controversial but related side effect, is a light comedy that resonated with viewers around the world. Manhattan Short medal winners are selected by voters attending the festival in cinemas around the world.
"Thank you very much to all of you who have voted for the short film, it is a great honor. I would especially like to dedicate it to my cousins, who unfortunately have stopped talking to me since the short film was premiered," says Alvaro Carmona       (ET's insertion: hahahahaha!)
Freefall, directed by Emmanuel Tenenbaum of France, wins the Silver Medal for its dramatic tale about a London stockbroker with a bad track record who makes the bet of his life when New York's World Trade Center is attacked on 9/11. Freefall is inspired by a true story. The Bronze Medal winner is Freedom Swimmer, an innovative animated documentary about a perilous swim from China to Hong Kong that echoes into the present. Freedom Swimmer is directed by Olivia Martin McGuire of Australia. The Best Actor Award goes to second-time nominee Elina Patrakka for her standout performance in The Blanket. This is Elina Patrakka’s second appearance in Manhattan Short, having starred in the 2020 short film The Stick. The global audience has voted. Congratulations to all the winners!
“On behalf of everyone at MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival, I want to acknowledge and thank all the filmmakers and artists involved, all the wonderful venues and those that run them and most of all, The Public that supports them. It’s been 25 years! Manhattan Short has grown from a screen mounted on the side of a truck on a downtown street in NYC to 500 cities around the world during one incredible week of screenings. I feel incredibly proud to be part of it alongside all of you.
So, I want to reach out and say thank you to all, and bring on 2023. I can’t wait."
Nicholas Mason