An important book with important information

Lauryn Walton is a library patron currently living in Texas. She stopped by the library, on a visit to the area, last week. She donated a book that she has written, SIX FEET TO INDEPENDENCE: UNDERSTANDING LIFE WITH A SERVICE DOG, to our library. We are so grateful and happy for her accomplishment. This is a topic in need of books. Great job! From the book description on

So you want a service dog.

Do you, though? Most entering this life don’t understand these aren’t just dogs that can go anywhere. It's training that costs thousands of dollars and takes nearly two years. Are you going to owner-train, have a puppy raiser, or buy a fully trained dog? If it's either of the first two, are you ready for puppyhood? Dogs aren't born service dogs; they experience the frustrations of puppyhood, too. Are you prepared for the chance of the dog washing or early retirement? Which breed are you getting? Rescue or breeder?

In Six Feet to Independence, Lauryn walks through the answers to these questions and more. With insights from breeders, trainers, and other handlers, she hopes to help you determine if this is the right path for you. Written from her own experiences, Lauryn’s conversational style puts readers at ease in facing this challenging lifestyle change.