Special project for two grandmothers

Bonnie and Shari are two grandmothers who recorded books for their mutual twin granddaughters!

On December 13, Bonnie Rohloff and Shari Eick came to the library to record books for their mutual twin granddaughters. These Hallmark books have the technological ability for people to record their narrations. The girls will have the voices of their grandmothers, reading aloud to them, forever! It is such a cool project. This project was originally done with Chris Potter and 4K families in 2019. There were some books left and we decided to invite patrons that we knew (with new grandchildren) to create them. Cherry Buttles was another patron who did this. It is never too early to promote reading and reading aloud! We know children who are read aloud to have a significant advantage in learning to read.

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